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Bride: research before meeting with their advice and suggestions of florist

At some point during your wedding planning can start thinking about the meeting with your florist and what kind of flowers you want on your big day. Flowers are such a fun part of planning for marriage, because it reinforces all the other things that add to a good marriage.

If they are not knowledgeable about the flowers or seasons, or styles, meet with your florist one can intimidate you puzzled and perhaps a little overwhelmed.

During my wedding planning, I had an idea in my mind what kind of flowers that has worked the style and feel of my wedding. I was at my meeting with my florist feeling he knew exactly what he wanted and even put some photos to help me explain the feel for all I was trying to do.

The meeting was to be a little different than I expected. A great book with examples of bouquets wedding was launched against me with words and styles that I was familiar. From bouquets to the waterfalls and everything, I am left with a headache and felt sad to see that I was not able to express what I wanted because I had no knowledge of flowers.

My advice to any bride is to do your research before meeting with your florist and arm themselves with the knowledge you need to be precise when you want to debate. These points can help when searching you need to know.

** Pop-learning different styles of bouquets of wedding flowers. That imagery can help express what you want, learning the different names that sound confidence in decisions you take. This will also help to verbalize the information you need to pass your florist. If you look on the website are good resources and information for help you do the research necessary mix of styles quickly.

** Names and learning the different names of the flowers may seem rather simple, but when I do not know, can be difficult. There are several types of roses that you can imagine and not knowing the correct name of the flowers you want, puts you at a disadvantage. Bridal magazines and websites can provide the names of flowers that you must have enough knowledge to be informed before their meeting.

Photos ** Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and is also true in this case. Even if your floral vocabulary is not where it should be, an image can be able to explain exactly what you want. If you want your bridesmaid bouquet to be a different style to yours and you know no names, use their photos for your visits to your florist.

After of this first meeting, I had to go back and reading, learning and research. My second match was much better because I knew what he was talking about. I ending with the perfect flowers for my wedding. If you follow these tips, you too.

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February 12th, 2010 at 6:30 pm