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What is a flower Sketch and where can you buy one?

I live in New York and want to get my boyfriend a sketch of flowers for the Day Valentine's Day. Does anyone know what it looks like image (a maybe?) Or you can even find or buy a stock? I've been looking for, but have not really been able to determine exactly what it is. (He referred to the love a lot and really want to find one). I went to a local florist and the guy who worked abroad, I know what I'm talking and tried to sell a bulb pot randomly saying it was a sketch of the flower. I do not know where to look, sorry, I think the actual spelling of the flower of Crocus. Thank you!

Saffron is a bulb with beautiful flowers, known as one of the heralds of spring. Your Bloomtime is intermediate between that of bluebells and daffodils. You could be able to find them growing in pots in the local nursery (assuming you have nurseries in New York). Bulbs are generally planted in the garden for fall and bloom in winter. Google under images and you will see many examples of crocuses. You should be able to easily find at this time of year, if you know what you're looking for …