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The ultimate guide to the life extension of fresh flowers

Flowers make us feel good. They make us feel so special to all those who give flowers and who receive them. They help us communicate with others in a special way. They help us say things like "I love you, thanks," cure " "Sorry" and "you're special." More than any other gift, fresh flowers can help express emotions. Even the artificial flowers better just not the same.

The problem is that the flowers do not last no. But trying to properly can extend the vase life.

Remember that flowers cut were removed from life support two roots, their source of water, and leaves of the plant, its source of food.

What is the best way to preserve fresh flowers? It seems a simple question. However, if you go online to find a simple answer, you'll find dozens of responses, some of them simple. How can we solve all this information and to obtain the truth about the conservation of fresh flowers?

How to extend the vase life of fresh flowers
Wikipedia says that to maintain a long vase life, flowers, you
1) the need to reduce constraints such as temperature and microorganisms
2) the need to provide sufficient water and
3) need to provide enough sugars or carbs

The first step is to treat fresh flowers as soon as it arrives. Keep it fresh and keep them in water. At the first opportunity to draw a sink full of water, place the stems under water and cut 1 / 2 "to 1" at an angle. Use a sharp knife (not serrated) or scissors. Cut angle serves several purposes. First Instead, it exposes more surface to the other side, a cut on an angle, it is easier to break the stem in florist foam. The objective is to remove the stems cut air bubbles in the stems. Air bubbles can block water uptake. Leave the flowers in water to rehydrate.

Meanwhile, thoroughly clean the glass with bleach solution to 10%.

The next question is what solution to put in the glass to keep the flowers fresh for as long as possible? House suggested conservation solutions ranging from aspirin, copper coins, sugar, bleach, corn juice, lemon syrup, non-lemon diet soda lime, vodka, Listerine and salt. There is a grain of truth behind the numbers, but not all the raw ingredients.

Find Search …
Research indicates that the acid water works best for flowers. Why? There are two reasons. First, the flowers absorb water, acid faster, and, secondly, the acidic water retards the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms that can clog the stems. Home Brew In solutions, aspirin, or lemon juice or soda Cal supposedly provides acidity. But how much acid is needed for water? Research indicates a pH of 3.5 is more well correct. Research also shows Aspirin does not help.

Research indicates that the flowers need the carbohydrates in the form of sugars. In house solutions, sugar, corn syrup or sugar of soda lime offers cut flowers need. The problem is that cut flowers have different needs, different amounts of sugar. Some need very little, some of my sweet tooth!

To slow the growth of microorganisms, some mixed use bleach, vodka, Listerine, or a penny to kill microorganisms that can clog the stems of flowers. According to research, penny Arent any help.

If you have its own solution for preserving fresh flowers, of the University of Massachusetts offers two different formulas. Id recommend unproven formulas written by whom Who knows.

Spells You Can Trust
1) Add 1 can of non-diet lemon-lime soda 3 cans of water with 1 / 4 c. Bleach tea.
2) Add 2 tablespoons fresh lime or lemon juice, 1 tablespoon sugar and 1 / 4 c. for the manufacturer of bleach in 1 quart of water.

The other alternatives
If you're not on the "Jerry Baker" do-it-yourself model forms, use floral preservative packet that usually comes with fresh flowers. The most conservative Business with basic system of life than those required by the plant.

Whatever formula you choose, mix and heat to 100 to 110 degrees. Remove the flowers the sink with water and place the jar in warm water. Then place the vase and flowers in a cool place for an hour or two.

Keep flowers in direct sunlight, and as fresh as possible. Change the preservative solution every two days. If there are enough flower stems, SNIP 1 / 2 inch when you change the water.

There do, l ') and more (scientific techniques to prolong the life of your fresh flowers. No matter that these other Web sites say. You know better now.

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