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Wedding cake … 10 things of vital importance to do before ordering

Decision of cake, I have heard some say that the wedding cake is not as important. They are right … is not so important. However, I think it is up there with wedding dresses. Without proper tasting wedding cake is also called the eye, you can turn a perfect marriage to a bad end. You win the cake negligible order seen in the 10 minutes it took to read this article. Wondering what you need to know before ordering your wedding cake?

Here are 10 easy steps to follow before putting a deposit on your wedding cake.

  1. Schedule 30 minutes of free consultation with a minimum of 3 caterers wedding cake.

  2. Be sure to taste the wedding cakes. The flavor is important – the taste, flavor and texture of the cake itself is the most important decision you make when you order your cake. The beauty outside your wedding cake is important to your images and your personal statement. But within that pie is going to serve your guests. You want a cake that is flavorful, moist and delicious stomach.

  3. Consider the costs – the design of simple cakes are cheaper. With time and the complexity of design, the more it will cost. Knowing beforehand how much money they have budgeted for your cake. This will help you quickly choose, unless a limited budget.

  4. Traps in the open – is necessary have a backup site in case of unexpected bad weather. Inclement weather can destroy a wedding cake.

  5. Fresh Flowers-If you have flowers Fresh in your cake, call a florist, who can help you choose the right flowers.

  6. If you expect a designer to match the colors wedding, be sure to take samples of tissue from at least 3 inches. Remember that dark colors are hard to get good tone and color in icing conditions and difficult organize in a beautifully decorated cake.

  7. How to choose the number of levels? The cake designer can guide you in how many servings cake, you can expect the size cake you want. But keep in mind the size of the slices will play an important role in this decision.

  8. Investment cake at your reception: Where will your cake (s) or place in the reception area? And whose responsible for the marketing of cake. Some things to consider. Watch the walls and examine the situation for their wedding photos in planning the cake (s) will be located. Are there fire extinguishers fires, tampons, toilet signs, etc. and the bottom cake practices? If using a fountain in your cake set up, there is an outlet nearby. Is the home site provide extensions or need them? A cake placed near a dance floor can be dangerous for traffic. Never place the cake behind the door. Tables I strong enough to take the cake (s)?

  9. They cut the cake? Do not assume that the meal service or personal site will host the Cup Cake. You should ask if this service is included and if so, how are the charges, which was associated with that service.

  10. Is the delivery of your cake covered in the cost of the wedding cake? In most cases, if the wedding is in Raleigh, North Carolina or the surrounding area is included. Wedding cakes are delivered in a certain radius will have an added cost

Check frequently with your advisor marriage to avoid preventable errors wedding day. Side Step pain and difficulty of many couples who have lived. Without doubt the last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on a whim The marriage ended in a crumby cake. Whatever the popular belief, you can have a = "target _blank "title =" Wedding Cake "> wedding cake and dessert catering is the pride of the city without carrying out your 401K.

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Learn more about Jackie’s wedding cakes at her website, SweetCheeksInc Bakery’s Don’t be the only one not to know about Jackie’s heavenly baked cakes. All desserts are baked without preservatives or fillers and only fresh ingredients including whole eggs and pure vanilla extract. Be sure to listen to her interview as Jackie was featured on National Public Radio.

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