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History of the Yellow Kronos Rose

Kronos is an Australian rose variety known for its warm welcome, pale yellow petals and perfume subtle. The Kronos rose is one of the hundred and twenty flower species developed by man Australia Roses Alister Clark. While most producers of roses in mid – 1800 is focused on finding the rose with perfect color, odor, or form, Alister Clarke was more interested in making use of the continental temperate climate for growing flowers.

A rose from the Himalayas and Burma called R. Gigantea was father rose from his breeding program. Thanks to its sensitivity to cold was not very popular among European breeders has increased, although it flourishes in many Mediterranean countries. In Australia, Clark discovered that the R. gigantea could rise to four meters between the trees.

From gigantea R., Clark was able to successfully reproduce garden variety of roses, including the Hayward and Nancy Lorraine Lee. After death by Alister Clark 1949, however, many species of roses have been lost since he was unable to transmit his secret apprentice to a farmer. Fortunately, two producers of roses be able to recover about 47 roses Alister families of women who were named after flowers, and pink was the Kronos one.

The popularity Kronos roses is not confined within the borders of Australia. The rose lovers around the world love these flowers for the sweet memories of his evokes deep yellow. The Kronos rose variety has spread throughout the world made popular by suppliers has increased and is distributed by major flower traders and florist. Kronos is a favorite European flower farmers between England, France and Holland. South America farms in Ecuador and Colombia export this flower in different U.S. states. In Asia, the flower farms in the Philippines, Vietnam and India offer a range of popular flowers.

Unlike other rose colors convey the passion and romance yellow roses send messages of devotion, appreciation, gratitude and Platonic love. Kronos roses are a great way to thank Congratulations to brighten a bad day, or simply put a smile on someone's face. Yellow roses also renewing and transmit the impulse to begin to achieve a better tomorrow, which makes them ideal Gift in apology or offer of peace.

Not even need a chance to buy a bouquet of roses to Kronos for yourself, as table centers are great for your bedroom or living room. Send a friend a bouquet of roses Kronos today and let him know that you care.

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