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Like other countries, Canada elected official flower to represent the nation and each of its provinces. They are usually flowers native to each province, chosen for their beauty and importance of each region. Canada lush landscape immense and high rainfall make the country ideal for growing many beautiful flowers.

The official flower of each province are:

– Alberta: Wild Rose: The perfect choice for the wild plains of Alberta, Wild Rose has been officially elected in 1930 and develops students across Canada.

– British Columbia Pacific Dogwood. The Pacific dogwood was elected in 1956 and blooms in April and May

– Manitoba: Prairie Crocus. Crocus Manitoba have voted in 1906 and blooming in the spring of each year, often before that snow melts completely.

– New Brunswick Purple Violet. The beautiful flower is usually dark in the forest and common in New Brunswick. He became the official flower in 1936

– Newfoundland and Labrador: carnivorous plant. Elected in 1954, the plant resembles a pitcher for pitcher.

– Ontario: White Trillium: Trillium in Ontario decided that the flower of their choice and made it official in 1937 and is part of the season in spring.

– Nova Scotia: Mayflower. The Mayflower was officially elected in 1901. The flower is found along the East Coast and West and was named by early settlers.

– Prince Edward Lady's Slipper Island. PEI was formalized with the shoes of the Virgin in 1947. It grows in cool and shady areas grow in spring.

– Quebec: Blue Flag. For 36 years, Blue Flag is the official flower of Quebec. Curiously, it does not grow naturally in the province and 1999, the province has changed his allegiance to Iris versicolor.

– Saskatchewan: Western Red Lily. The province chose this flower as its official mascot in 1941. It grows in forests lightly.

And, as we all know, the maple leaf is the symbol Canadian national but was never officially adopted. It's more of a position of honor by the maple leaf on Canada's Maple ubiquity. Each province has its own history floral wonderful to be explored and appreciated. Because the climate of Canada, however, Spring is usually the best time to enjoy the flowers of Canada as it is when most are in bloom. However, much remains to see if you know where to look in the summer and fall as well.

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