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local florist london england

Major flower markets in the world

The major flower markets in the world are proof of the capacity of man and nature to create beauty, tradition and a livelihood for many people living with HIV. The spectacle of thousands of fresh cut flowers in one place with different nuances and shades of tint creates a popular scenic area and lively, not only for locals, but tourists.

The industry of fresh cut flowers, has flourished in recent years. Florists online have allowed our customers around the world send flowers to South Africa and international destinations with the flower and gift services they offer. Flowers is a important sector that generates many jobs and provides a great Most of the flowers sold by florists. Contrary to the line of the floral industry, markets flowered around the world have been operating for many years with tried and tested methods.

The Bloemenmarkt Amsterdam and Aalsmeer Flower Auction in Aalsmeer – Netherlands

The Dutch have beautiful displays of flowers throughout the country, but more surprising are the Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam and most of the large global market of flowers, the flower market in Aalsmeer.

Bloemenmarkt The floating market is located along the Singel canal in the south of the city. The market is a major tourist attraction and one of the most famous in Europe. It consists of 15 florists and gift shops and garden gifts. The market is built from the houseboats flowers such as tulips, a flower typically Dutch, and bulbs and other flowers. The bulbs can take home to plant and market even sell Christmas trees in December.

In the Aalsmeer flower auction features tulips in the Netherlands, gardenias, roses, lilies and daisies. In general, the market has about 13,000 different kinds of flowers! In fact, over 20 million flowers are sold every day of the flower market, Aalsmeer. Customers buy flowers in the same tradition in which the market has operated for decades – for a bid in the auction. The market is in full operation at 6:30 every morning from Monday to Friday and bidding starts at 7:30.

The market has a bridge that was built in the market to offer online visitors flies from the bustle of buying and selling all kind of flower imaginable. Motor vehicles carry buckets of flowers through the market, creating a beautiful scene that is constantly changing.

The auctions take place in specially designated rooms in the potential buyers are sitting in rows and road bids electronics in cars carrying flowers move around the room. Customers bid on the amounts down, unlike traditional auctions. When a seller name your price for their product, the price drops until a bidder makes a bid. The difficult part of the auction is to ensure that the offer is not available before long the price will be higher, and be careful that no other bidder places a first offer, because then the flowers. The front room of the offer has a screen that displays details about flowers and a clock that indicates the price of flowers (12 h being the starting price). Once the auction begins the clock starts to move to indicate the price falls.

Columbia Road Flower Market – London

The Columbia Road Flower Market is located in London, England. Located in a small street in the East End of town, the market carries the English charm and jokes mixed with exotic, international products. Columbia Road Flower Market began in the 18th century, when stalls of tradable goods along a highway driving cattle that had become popular and thriving market in operation today.

The market has 52 shops selling independent fresh cut flowers. Bars, Italian sausage, antique shops and antique galleries and art intermingle among the many flower sellers. The market is operated every Sunday morning and became a popular place to relax and spend time browsing, not only of flowers, plants, trees, shrubs and bulbs that have been grown in nurseries across the country, but also imported flowers and bulbs of the international network. The exotic flowers are presented throughout the world. The market is a picture of flowers and love its history and tradition.

Bangkok Orchid Market (Pak Klong Talard) – Thailand

Media Pak Klong Talard ( 'Talard "market" in Thai) is one of fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables Bangkok, and is the largest market for fresh flowers in the city. Orchids and other flowers such as roses are sold throughout the night when the air is much cooler and more pleasant visitors to the ability of the flowers in the comfort under fluorescent lighting. The best time to visit is at night or early morning when trucks and boats on the Chao Phraya River to deliver the flowers to market, as well as fruits, vegetables and spices. The busiest time is between two and three am!

The market has a large regional customers, the area of wholesale lies near the river, while the consumer market is closer to Memorial Bridge and travels through some streets, namely Chak Phet Street and side streets.

Although these amazing flower markets are located throughout the world, fresh flowers can be enjoyed without having to travel internationally. Online florist offering highly reliable services that enable customers to flowers online and choose from a wide selection of exotic flowers and beauty in traditional arranged bouquets. The reliability of international delivery services to florists online fashion perfect for the dynamism and atmosphere of cheerful flower markets in the world in any home.

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