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glass florist marbles

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glass florist marbles

Christmas in Paris, holiday themed table decorations

DIY Christmas Decorations Table, Make-it-yourself table of guests.

The creation miy project and a photo of Madeleine M Langlois

My Christmas in Paris "theme is based on a composition by mixing the old and new. The box My grandmother was always set with the best china and antique silver. Oil paintings painted by my grandfather, adorned the walls. © cor da holiday has been formed by tapes satin, sleek, shiny crystals, and a large white Christmas tree, but decorated with bright ornaments. Place cards, Christmas crackers and a piece of custom coordinated whole. She always used green and fresh flowers to decorate your home.

Miy Decor Copyright © 2006
For large projects of decoration www.maddylane Visit miy

Even the nostalgic palette is thecolour chose a combination of turquoise, green and blue, with soft pastels in shades similar to accents of silver, angelic whites and chocolate brown. As a child, these unusual combinations of colors of Christmas is very good impression on me. My table this year is a tribute to my grandmother, who is now 98 years. You could say that influences the style and traditions passed down from generation to generation. With this concept in mind, the image I chose a cream color of the room other than the Bahamas, Tommy. This set was very close similarity in the shape and style to the point that he wanted to create. Although this series specifically intended for planting in the Bahamas, which is much more popular, has done wonders to get my goal.

The square block printed taffeta slick iridescent colors are emerald green, turquoise sea and rich deep blue. The panel Runner-tone organza soft pastel aquatic center. The drivers are all adorned with satin borders. The pure water main is a skirt in a delicious cafà ©-au-color milk. It is surrounded Completion of a colored Fun-made fiber with wool.

For the establishment of four, picked by Noritake Rochelle Platinum collection – white porcelain, decorated dotted border with a silver exquisite texture. I've uploaded images of the Eiffel Tower, in shades of turquoise blue, clear center plates. Using clear plate allows light image to highlight on the white background of China.

Under the parameters instead feel beautiful silver tray with plates molded edges. The lenses are the collection Grossgrain by Vera Wang Small white dots and stripes border line of curved glass. For glasses of water, it became flat glass (discovered in a garage sale) color turquoise and green stripes with glass paints.

I wanted a chic hotel, but fun piece with a twist. I a glass cake stand in a square full of accounts and varied, green and silver bowls, and put a pillar candle in the center. To decorate the hutch, and I used the buffet of fresh vegetables, provided Westmont Florist, the organization of politeness. Branches of eucalyptus, pine and willow Ornitogalums lace Queen Anne and are refined with silver angel hair. The vases are accented with marble squares model mixture of assorted colors of blue and green.

The crystal chandeliers are adorned with fringes of molded glass, which is repeated in full. The tea light candles are lined with a collar of white feathers. Two lights in frosted glass votive is adorned with pearls clear forms of micro – Eiffel Tower. I changed a chandelier to coordinate with the adjustment. I painted silver, added details such purposes as strip of glass beads, silver and wool blurred fantasy white, adorned with pearls, gorgeous ribbons, jewels and glass (made by other objects, I recycled). I created a mini art gallery included the incorporation of photographs with a variety of art media, including painting

The Eiffel Tower, lit by small lights of rice. Assemblies photos are made with panoramic images of Paris put on canvas covered with paper printed with rice. Two paintings were covered with textured wallpaper and lined with ribbons satin. My teenage son Spencer has contributed to the mini gallery with a sign of Graffiti in Paris, using oil pastels on canvas.

For details of finish, the backs of the chairs have been decorated with a blue tassel node pearl satin glass and a pine branch surrounded by a swirl of silver thread accents. I asked family photos in the self-hardening clay to create an advent calendar and tree joins a table tree with white feathers. A crown of feathers of the focal the square a large round mirror.

The Christmas tree: An Eiffel Tower-shaped tree with branches of willow is elegantly adorned with a fluffy white boa feathers. Glass beads and paper ornaments are decorated with feathers, crystals, beads and made a crown sequences.I simple with a silver wire spiral, some pine branches Holly silver shapes made of aluminum and silver wire to spell the word Christmas "l. I Mini Eiffel Towers wire for card holders instead. From chocolate false were made with clay.

The gifts were wrapped in unique forms of candy, bags of fliers and using various documents, photos, fabrics and tapes left items created for this topic. Monograms Wire, old labels, and the excitement of skin were also reported in some pretty packaging. Crafting greeting cards have been customized with similar materials and the microspheres, silver foil, fuzzy wool, reduce design and sequins. There is much more to describe memory tray Paris trip, cake candles, boxes, hats, shot a sumptuous table, and more.

The decorations that I created for my theme table even if they seem very sophisticated, can be easily recreated with homemade items available at very few arts and crafts and fabric stores and numerous debris around your home. Make your holiday special, personalized ya!

About the Author

Bio: Madeleine Langlois; About the artist:
Madeleine has over 25 years design experience. She studied fashion merchandising and design. The fist part of her career was spent in the fashion industry designing ladies and children’s wear to fashion accessories. Maddy then went on to design giftware products, Christmas decorations, packaging concepts as well as illustrating for Canadian companies. She has even published a bilingual children’s book that she both wrote and illustrated. Maddy’s designer talents, from fashion to decor and her love for crafts has directed her to produce and write “how-to†step-by-step décor articles. For the last five years, Madeleine has been creating innovative home decorative décor items for her weekly syndicated “make-it-yourself†Miy at home articles. Maddy work has is presently featured in Magazines and newspapers.

For more “Miy†articles and a more detailed artist bio, I invite you to visit my;

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