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ftd florist deliveries
FTD Flowers not delivered by Valentine's Day?

A week ago he sent me flowers from FTD Feb.15 local store and get an email saying that "we do not have a florist available in the shipment of your receiver that can deliver your product, 2 / 14." Can you believe that? She lives in the center of Manhattan! Do not tell me there or deliveries florists in Manhattan, this is simply unacceptable, and on an occasion like this kind should hang their heads with shame, because FTD could not do his job. This is the only day that FTD does what is … and we missed. I wonder how often this occurs when the DFT is not can be delivered for Valentine's Day – let me know if you have FTD flower delivery as provided in the Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day, I learned long ago to contact the florist directly. When the price I have to include a preview of good tip. Remember that the point is to ensure capacity. For sure FTD stop payment with your credit card company credit. File a complaint if you can. Then, to make control damage with his mistress, print the email and give her the flowers you get. When he gets up from his reading eyes, I say they were stupid to trust someone more with a message from your heart.

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February 13th, 2010 at 1:13 pm

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