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florist flowers types
What should I give this guy looking bamboo houseplant?

I received a large bouquet of flowers for my girlfriend and solid bamboo for plants that flower said the roots are produced and stored in a container with some water. I am sure she told him to eat too, but I did case. Anyway, that's actually in development, but after a few weeks is the research, as is the slowdown and is a little tired. Since I do not know what kind of plant, I do not know what kind of food that you give … if I give it high in nitrogen and this is not what you want .. He could not die? Potassium same … hmm I'm no expert, but two flows I'm good with. I know nothing about this plant. It is bright green, curly, with a bamboo stick in a spiral like the texture. About half an inch thick, with some small outbreaks in the top of fine leaves pointing upward. If you can identify that I will be happy!

Plants commonly sold as "lucky bamboo" is not really bamboo at all. In fact, a kind of Dracaena. The species name is Dracaena sanderana. In Regarding fertilizers, houseplant fertilizer regularly would be good.

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