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Do you have a Dickens of a holiday!

In recent years we have seen a trend away from our brief flirtation with the elegant, the season modern jazz holiday. Traditional red and green are back in a style that Canadians are turning to the Victorian inspiration. Without much effort, you can be able to recreate an authentic Dickens left his family and friends this year:
Candles in the light of Advent. December is our darkest months, and traditionally Chase the darkness with lights and lenses: one of the oldest customs of the season. Please pure beeswax or soy-based candles burn cleanly in time. Place candles on or near mirrors for maximum brightness. The natural colors of gold candles are beautiful when they are surrounded by blueberries and green branches Holly.
Indoor corridors with boughs of holly! For some lucky Canada Holly is readily available. If you can pick up the branches and twigs of the language, you can be sure that each florist has a good supply of Holly British Columbia this month. Tuck sprigs in the mirror and tables, centerpieces, wreathsand more importantlyinto its plum pudding.
We bring some figgy pudding! The figs, raisins, and nuts are the features in the famous plum pudding holiday storybook. Please try this dessert spectacular find a recipe this year and treat your family to the theatrical presentation and rich flavor of this classic steam. You do not need a cast of fantasy, a whole plate in oven will do. Place the flan on a silver tray, a plant holly leaf, slightly off with brandy, and take extravagant and beautiful on your table.
Brown paper tied with a rope. The Victorians did not spend a gift of fortune, pre-printed paper packaging. Rediscover the charm of a simple package. Children can adopt without brown paper with a clear cause for celebration: a shower of snowflakes, or gloves of an impression of red potato, for example. This is a great activity for children who feel important and best of all, you can not make a mistake!
Bowls of seasonal fruits and nuts to make your holiday easy, tasty and beautiful. Keep nutcracker and picks up readythere someone will take advantage of the new crop of nuts. And what's more appealing than a pile of apples, pears or crisp glass gold lady?
Your tree! Should be fresh, of course, and whatever jewelry (old and new) that are meaningful to you and your family. The Victorians are based on many items as handmade garlands of fruit and popcorn, paper chains, and cornucopia cones filled with candy. All these decorations are Victorian style and easy to do. It is not wise or practical for us to put our candles on evergreens, but small white lights that make the difference. It is not necessary to support the luxury of trees and a sturdy galvanized bucket full of sand that makes the difference. Remember that water regularly. If you have small children or pets, consider the possibility of linking your tree near a wall or ceiling hook with fishing line. Wrap the container with the passage of Nice or the length of fabric for a little luxury.
Thus to hold a Dickens festival this year: apple polish, candles, light and, if possible, roasted chestnuts on the fire. Then she whispers thoughts of love to those most mind.

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